Wednesday, August 30, 2006

Food Safety
30th August:- The Internal audit course at the Livingston Training Centre:-

was attended by 7 delegates from 5 different companies. The feed back was both welcome and complimentary and all seemed to fulfill their training objectives set out at the start of the course.

The course was structured to initially discuss the theory and background of auditing and the BRC Global Standard Food. This was followed by the specific elements of internal auditing and fulfilling the standards requirements in a practical way that promotes compliance, preventative action and continuous improvement.

During the afternoon session the theory was broken up by 5 workshops which were received very well. Comments included " Interesting thought process when identifying issues in case studies" and "I enjoyed doing the case study tasks, they helped me to see how observant I was"

The development of the audit trail seemed to be well received, in particular, when presented with certain information, what further information should the auditor be requesting to 'unfold' the audit to realise maximum benefit from the audit process.

And of course the Livingston training centre did a sterling job. Comments received included- 'Good coffee, good food + comfortable chairs!'

Overview of the course:- ' A wothwhile, informative and enjoyable day.' , 'Very informative. Learnt alot but always on these courses a lot of information to take in'

Thanks to those who attended and glad you got value from the course.

Duncan Perry

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