Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Food Safety Courses, Scotland

Forth Coming Courses

14th & 15th May

RSPH Intermediate HACCP (level3)

12 th June

Internal Auditing

British Retail Consortium Standard

29th & 30th June

RSPH Level 3 in Food Safety for Supervision for Manufacturing

2 day course with the 2 hour RSPH exam and certification.

Emphasis on practical case study, workshop and implementation.

Full course materials provided

1 day attendance certificated course with work shops. Full course materials provided.

2 day course with the 2 hour RSPH exam and certification.

Emphasis on the NEW practical manufacturing syllabus and implementation.

Full course materials provided


1. Assemble HACCP team

2. Describe product

3. Identify intended use

4. Construct flow diagram

5. On-site verification of flow diagram

6. List all potential hazards, conduct a hazard analysis, consider control measures

7. Determine CCPs

8. Establish critical limits for each CCP

9. Establish a monitoring system for each CCP

10. Establish corrective actions

11. Establish verification procedures

12. Establish documentation and record keeping.


1. Scope of Standard

2. Fundamental Clauses

3. Standard Contents – 7 Sections

4. Audit Documentation

5. Spirit of the Audit

6. Conducting the Audit

7. Audit Review

8. Factory Floor Audit

9. Audit Trails

10. Audit Process

11. Objective Evidence

12. Reports

13. Non compliance report

14. Non compliance classification

15. British Retail Consortium Guidelines

16. Main Issues Found

17. Corrective Action


1. Food Safety Procedures

2. Responsibilities of employees

3. Enforcement of legislation

4. Personnel hygiene

5. Housekeeping and hygiene

6. Contamination and Cross contamination

7. Waste disposal

8. Pest Control

9. Food Safety hazards

10. Controlling Food Safety

11. Temperature

12. Traceability

13 Training


Easter Inch, Bathgate




Easter Inch, Bathgate




Easter Inch, Bathgate



For all courses, delegates are encouraged to participate and seek relevant practical information on all aspects of application into their own business.

If specific learning outcomes can be identified before attendance this can be very helpful.

Let me know if you would like any delegates to attend any of the above courses or require any further information.

Kind regards

Duncan Perry

Tuesday, April 07, 2009

HACCP and BRC Internal Audit Training

The dates of next courses have been set.

The next BRC Internal Auditing course will be held on the 6th May.
The RSPH level 3 HACCP course will run on the 14th and 15th May.

Both courses will be held at our premises just next to J4 of the M8.

Let us know if you would like further information.

Contact Duncan on 01506 631254 or email perry@outsourcesolution.co.uk