Thursday, September 10, 2009

Data Capture

Data Capture Food Quality Management Systems

Outsource Solution Ltd has developed a computer based data capture program. The system is designed to replace paper based monitoring activities with computer and PDA data entry.

The applications include monitoring data for:-

British Retail Consortium Quality Management Systems
Traceability Systems
Key Performance Indicator Information
Health and Safety Records
Training Records

The information is captured on a web based database and can be recovered with a secure login anywhere in the world on a computer with internet access.

The advantages of such systems are end less and include:-

Fast data recovery and report generation
Data reporting on all query parameters
Report integration of monitoring activities
Trend analysis for verification of effectiveness of systems
Automatic secure authentication of record generation
Reduction of paper and filing systems (no requirement for scanning archiving systems)
Business improvement potential and efficiency due to access to information
Report generation and performance monitoring remote from the business

The system in its basic form is for data capture, however, its development can include:-

Automatic data capture from other monitoring devices such as temperature loggers, counters, meters etc
Importing data from other sources
Creating alert systems by email or SMS

System Development

This system is not a costly pre developed package. It uses well established secure internet based systems. It can be as small or as large a data capture system as you require and the development cost reflects that. The system can be expanded or changed at any time to reflect your business. Because the system is internet based there is no tie in to expensive manufacturer’s hardware.

For more information or to make a booking please contact Duncan:-
:0796 227 4446 :01506 631254

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