Thursday, November 16, 2006

Authorised Butchers to remove vertebral column

Agency lists butchers authorised to remove vertebral column in 24 – 30 month old cattle
Thursday 16 November 2006
Following harmonisation of UK specified risk material (SRM) controls with those applicable in other Member States, the UK has taken up a derogation, available under EU legislation, to allow specifically authorised butchers' shops to handle carcases of 24 – 30 months cattle containing SRM vertebral column (SRM VC).
As a result, butchers who have been granted authorisations by their local authority are now allowed to remove SRM VC from 24-30 months cattle on their premises.
The Food Standards Agency is now publishing lists of butchers in England, Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland authorised to remove SRM VC from 24 – 30 months cattle.
The lists (available at the link below) are incomplete, as not all local authorities have responded to the Agency’s request for information.
Therefore, before despatching carcases and part-carcases containing SRM VC to butchers, slaughterhouses and cutting plants should obtain a copy of the authorisation from the butcher concerned, or check with the relevant local authority.
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Butchers authorised to remove vertebral column in 24-30 months bovines


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