Friday, June 24, 2011

Food Technical Managers

Food Technical Managers

We have had a number of enquiries regarding Food Technical Positions. These are from both food manufacturing companies and from individuals looking for new technical positions. These enquiries have generally been in Scotland. We are happy to try and match companies with Technical staff that are looking for employment.
Let us know and we try to assist.


johnseomaven said...

The main purpose of food hygiene training is not only to teach food handlers in proper handling, preparation, and storage to prevent food borne illnesses but also to ensure that they satisfy the needs of their customers. Maintaining cleanliness and safety in a food premise like restaurants is not that hard. We just need to follow standards, safety precautions, and be informed with different principles of food hygiene and safety.

Dave Velasco said...

Everyone really needs to have a proper knowledge, and understanding of how to prepare food and how to handle it effectively and safely. We could actually all get our own food hygiene training if we want to, so that we can be assure of the safety precautions and standards on cooking, preparing and serving food.